Project: G3W-SUITE

Changelog for version: 3.2

Release date: 07 April 2021


Changelog for G3W-SUITE 3.2

G3W-SUITE 3.2 offers an extensive list of new and improved features , among which we remember

      • compatibility with the new LTR 3.16 version of QGIS
      • ability to select layer records and filter the content on the map and on print
      • greater integration with QGIS DataPlotly (a great plugin developed by Matteo Ghetta) with the possibility of filtering plots contenent based on the features selected and/or displayed on the map
      • integration of the authentication system (AuthCFG) defined on QGIS
      • further integration of the QGIS API

We hope you enjoy this great work!

Happy mapping!

Sponsor and funder

G3W-SUITE is an open source project and if you are able to, consider supporting our work through donations or contributions to the code documentation, web site and so on. Among the main funder of this version we remember:


Feature: QGIS 3.16 LTR support

Version 3.2 is compatible with the new LTR version of QGIS 3.16.

The filter function (based on features selection) at the print level is supported only with QGIS 3.18

Feature: QGIS AuthCFG authentication system support

The QGIS AuthCFG system is managed by the suite.

To manage access to your DB data more securely.

Feature: Geographical and alphanumeric constraints improvements

Geographic and alphanumeric constraints, based on users (individuals or groups), can now be activated for:

    • visualization
    • editing
    • both functions

Data providers

Feature: More data type support

Reading/editing support on Oracle Spatial DB is extended

Cartographic Client

Feature: Multi style layer support

Multiple styles associated with layers are now supported

Feature: Multi field filters available on attribute table

The attribute table allows you to create filters based specifically on the value of one or more fields

Feature: Attribute table contents filtered on map content

The records shown in the attribute table of a layer can be filtered according to the features visible in the map

Feature: Features selection and filtering

It is now possible to select and filter features starting from:

    • records on attribute table
    • search results
    • query results

The activation of the filter on the selected features is reflected on:

    • the map content
    • the plots content
    • the content of the prints results (only with QGIS 3.18)


Feature: Improvements plots interface

The plots are better organized and easier to understand.

Warning messages indicate the activation of filters based on the map content and/or on the presence of active filters on the layers

Feature: Improvements in plots management

The plots built on QGIS with the DataPlotly plugin are published on the suite by loading the xml file deriving from the plugin.

It is now possible:

    • make the published plots automatically available for the same layer when present on other webgis services (such as for searches)
    • define witch plots should be active at stratup
    • download the previously uploaded xml file

Feature: Plots filtered by map content

The plots can be filtered on the values associated with only the features visible on the map

The filter is also active on any plots based on tables related 1: N with the features of the geographic layers

Feature: Plots filtered by selected features

The plots can be filtered on the values associated with only the filtered features following selection

The filter is also active on any plots based on tables related 1: N with the features of the geographic layers


Feature: Plots on 1:N related table

In the event that plots are active on 1:N related tables

These will be visible in the query results form and in the 1:N relations session.



Feature: Multi features attribut editing tool

It is now possible to select more features of a layer and modify the value associated with one or more fields for all the selected features.

Minor improvements

Feature: Webgis services publication options

When you publish a webgis service it is possible to define:

    • the panel (Layer, Base layer, Legend) active at startup in the TOC
    • automatic zoom to search results (only for single layer results)

Feature: Data export

It is now possible to export geographic and non-geographic layers in GPK format.

Feature: Cartogrhapic group logo option

It is possible to use the logo associated with a cartographic group at the header level of all the webgis contained in the group

Feature: More languages support

Map client and administration panel are available in additional languages:

    • Finnish
    • Swedish

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