G3W-SUITE is an Open Source solution, released under MPL and available on GitHub

Hosting and house solutions

The easiest way to publish QGIS projects on WebGIS services

Simple and fast

Create your QGIS project

Use tour datas storage on GeoDB or file system

Publish on WebGis

Users profiling

Define users, groups and roles to differentiate management, access, online editing and functional modules

Desktop and mobile

Optimised for desktop and tablet viewing to work directly outdoor


Customize access portal and cartographic client with your references and your logos

Activate the functional modules you need

Full of functions

Customizable searches, print layout, metadata, WPS module integration, online editing … and much more

Editing on line

Geometric and relational editing

Form and editing widgets inherited from QGIS project

Feature lock for multi-user editing

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G3W-Suite is the best solution for publishing and for WebGis service management by every kind of user and for every different need.  The infrastructure allows to directly publish OS QGIS-made cartographic projects, while maintaining their graphic and informative features.   The Admin dashboard allows the managing of access authorisations  and the activation of functional modules, based on each different need.

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Create your QGIS project

Create your cartographic project directly on your pc by using your geographic data

Personalise your project by defining printing layout, editing widgets and every other graphic and functional feature

Synchronise your geographic data

Upload and upgrade your data in your favourite format (SpatiaLite, Shapefile, GeoTif…)

Use GeoDatabase PostGis data

Publish your QGIS project

Access your own web portal to publish your projects on WebGis service

Manage access and activate extra functions

Manage your projects independently by defining users, access and editing authorisations, by setting search methods and by activating the functions you need most

Our principle customers

Features and functionality

WebGis Client

WebGis Client responsive

Responive client on tablet and smartphone

Customizable graphic interface with logos and references

Geolocation features for outdoor use

Main function

Geographic search tools and auto-zoom functions

Base maps (OSM, GoogleMaps, Yhaoo, Bing …)

Printing based on composer layouts associated with the QGIS project

Advanced functions

Geonote with photos collected directly from mobile

Links to web and multimedia content

On-the-fly adding vector layers (.shp, .kml, .geojson)

Display data based on 1:n relations

Editing on line

Online editing, also relational, with permission management

Feauture-lock function for multi-user editing

Possibility of developing custom modules


Publication of cartographic projects

Thematic cartographic groups for the structured management of the projects

Complete graphic and function correspondence with QGIS projects

Graphic interface for the creation of search functions

Data synchronization

Using you GeoDB

FTP space for your data: all OGR/GDAL formats

Creation of cartographic projects starting from geographic data available through on-line catalogs integrated to the suite

Management of access and editing permissions

Direct publication on the dedicated web portal

Creation of users and management of access permissions

Management of online editing permissions on individual layers

Dedicated modules

Management of regulatory text related to cartography

Spatial analysis modules integrated

Civic and street management

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