Project: G3W-SUITE

Changelog for version: 3.5

Release date: 15 November 2022


Changelog for G3W-SUITE 3.5

Version 3.5 of G3W-SUITE is characterized by greater stability and a greater number of functions and features inherited from the QGIS project.

We remember in particular:

    • the possibility, as on QGIS Desktop, to turn on/off the individual categories of symbology associated with the layers
    • the implementation of new editing functions to simplify the preparation of web cartographic management systems
    • the refacoring of the Time Series function which today manages NetCDF and WMST raster data as well as vector data

We hope you enjoy this great work!

Happy mapping!

Sponsor and funder

G3W-SUITE is an open source project and if you are able to, consider supporting our work through donations or contributions to the code documentation, web site and so on. Among the main funder of this version we remember:


Feature: WebGis service summary

For each WebGis service it will be possible to access a detailed summary that will list all the activated settings and widgets:

    • access and modification permissions
    • the list of active searches
    • editing permissions on individual layers
    • definition of alphanumeric and geographical constraints
    • visibility constraints on layers
    • visibility constraints on attribute fields

Feature: Zoom on the geometric constraints extensions

In case of definition of geometric constraints (visualization and editing), at the start of the webgis service the map will zoom to the extension of the geometries object of the constraint defined for the user.

Cartographic Client

Feature: On/off management for the individual simbology categories

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

As on QGIS desktop, the user can turn on/off the individual categories defined for the different types of symbology.

Feature: Views parameterized in the URL

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

The views defined on the QGIS project can be parameterized at the URL level of the WebGis service.

The parameter to indicate in the URL is the following:


Feature: Searches on fields of type date

A new method of selecting values based on fields of type date is available for Searches.

The user can define the date through a calendar widget simplifying the management of the set date format.


Feature: Editing of overlapping features

The function implements the possibility of correctly managing the editing of overlapping geometries, defining the exact geometry on which to operate.

Feature: Copy and paste between layers

The function allows you to copy and paste with geometries of different layers (WFS included).

As in QGIS the geometry of the source layer must be selected to be pasted into the destination layer.

Attribute copy management follows the same rules adopted on QGIS Desktop.

Feature: Default values

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

As in QGIS the default values are displayed in the form during editing and not only after saving.

The ‘Apply default value on update‘ option is now also managed.

All non-geometric expressions handle this option, while for geometric expressions the functionality is limited to the following: $area, $perimeter, $length, $x, $y $geometry.

The result of the expression can also be dependent on the values of other fields on the form.

Feature: Filter expression management for editing widgets

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

Filter expressions associated with the ‘Value relation‘ widget are correctly inherited from the QGIS project.

The expression-based filter can also be dependent on the values of other fields on the form.

Feature: Multiline and html texts management

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

The text type fields manage the multiline and html options defined on the QGIS project.

HTML management is based on a simple WYSIWYG text editor.

Feature: Editable layer filter

in case of numerous editable layers, a compact filter allows to reduce the list to the layers of interest only.

Feature: Saving editing changes

The use of the disk icon to save the editing changes will not ask for confirmation but will proceed directly to the saving as on QGIS.

Feature: Featurelock warning

In case of features of a layer locked by other users, the user will receive a warning message when starting the editing.

Feature: Editing error message

A richer messaging has been implemented to better understand any errors in the save phase.

Analysis tool

Feature: Raster and Vector Time series

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

The Time Series tool has undergone a refactory adapting to the new management of time layers implemented in QGIS vers >= 3.26 solving some problems related to version 3.22 LTR.

Minor improvments

Feature: Improved ‘Add WMS’ tool

The WMS URLs added by the user can be associated with a customized noem in order to improve their subsequent management.


Feature: WMS filter on Query Builder fields

Setting inherited from the QGIS project

The fields exposed on the Query Builder tool are now filtered according to the settings on QGIS related to the WMS exposure.

Feature: StreetView map control

The StreetView map control now works in two different modes:

    • in the presence of Google API Key the display of StreetView photos are integrated into the client and are synchronized with the position/direction of the icon on the map
    • in the absence of Google API Key, StreetView photos are displayed in a new browser tab without synchronization with the map


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