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G3W-SUITE is an OS application, highly integrated with the QGIS Server API, dedicated to the publication of QGIS projects as WebGis services

The suite, thanks to the strong integration with the QGIS editing tools, also allows you to set up web cartographic management systems also with shared access

Thanks to its flexibility it is used by numerous public authority, such as Public Administrations, Park Authority, Research Authority and professional firms

It is accompanied by numerous plugins including those dedicated to Public Admministration

Thanks to the integration with the QGIS Processing API, it also allows you to create tools dedicated to online geographic analysis

We are collaborating with companies and GIS professionals to provide our customers with the best support and advice for their projects

G3W-SUITE can be a tool highly adaptable to the needs of numerous realities thanks to its numerous functions and strong plasticity

The ideal solution to offer to your customers or as a tool for your consultancy

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Technical assistance for the implementation of open source WebGis solutions based on QGIS and G3W-SUITE


Customized solutions, based on dedicated plugins, to meet the needs of your customers

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We provide our partners with dedicated costs for installation, customized deployment, optimization and configuration, making it easier to resell our platform to your end customers

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We give priority to our partners in resolving technical problems, requesting new features and providing advanced technical assistance.

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